about me

As a coach and trainer I combine my female caring side with a strong and determined (binding) male energy. Herewith I create space for others to step into their true being and potential. I believe that what we search and wish for is already there. We only need to “dis-cover” it. Going deep together with clarity and accessibility, that’s what energizes me!

Through my collaboration with companies as TheTrueTalentTeam and Jump Movement I have access to impactful products and networks. These offer a key to realising intrinsic motivation and success both in a professional environment and on a personal level. Together with Saskia Geraerts I am rolling out the “Imperfect I’m perfect” model. This methodology focuses on your self-image and ensures you reconnect with your confident, happy and action-oriented side. Within Creative Consciousness I give trainings worldwide and as a coach I work with their methodology.

Additionally, I am a consultant in reduction and reorganisation processes and thus a driving and connective force in creating clarity on an executive level. As a consultant I can use all of my qualities as a coach perfectly. With sympathy for all parties involved and while staying focused on the goal, I create openings in the complex processes of dealing with reality. I give advice and support in intrinsically motivating employees to take responsibility in their own processes.

What I love seeing proved time and time again in coaching is that everyone already has the answers within. I coach by asking the right and sometimes confronting questions and by supporting in the steps that need to be taken. I regularly ask questions you may feel certain you do not have the answer to and suggest steps to you which you think for sure you cannot take. I hold a mirror up to your face and you do take the step and answer the question after all… It is questions and insights like these that can lead us to greater insights, to emotional breakthroughs, to daring and passionate choices in our lives, to results of which we dreamt, to meaning and simply being relaxed and satisfied with who we are.